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Vibrotech is one of the major manufacturer of iron removal systems and vibrating sieve machines in the world.

We produce any kind of machines: from circular vibrating sieves to rectangular modules, from the most complex systems to compact trolley units. The online catalog is full of videos and technical data sheets, to help you find the perfect solution.

But why should you choose Vibrotech?

Because a single supplier is the best solution for any business: Vibrotech offers different types of systems aimed at screening and iron removal, customized for the needs of customers.

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Iron removers for liquids

Vibrating Sieves for Liquids and Filters Magnetic and electromagnetic iron removers for liquids: we design filters and systems that exploit [...]

Iron Removal Systems for powders and Raw Materials

Iron removal systems and filters for powders and raw materials Iron removal systems and filters for powders and raw materials: [...]

Magnetic Filters WHI-FILTER

Magnetic Filters WHI-FILTER High-intensity magnetic filters, with innovative matrix magnetising system and automatic counter-current cleaning. For iron removing from slurry [...]

Magnetic Filters for Liquids

Magnetic Filters for Liquids Magnetic filters with stainless steel net and neodymium magnetic bar. Suitable for any liquid filtration and [...]

Vibrating Sieves for Liquids

Vibrating Sieves for Liquids Vibrating sieve machines for liquids: Vibrotech has been leader in slurry sieving for over 25 years, [...]

Vibrating Sieves for Powders

Vibrating Sieves for Powders Vibrating sieve machines for powders: from circular vibrating sieves with automatic cleaning system to self-bearing vibrating [...]

Vibrating Sieves for Glazes

Vibrating Sieves for Glazes Sieving machines for glazes of all sizes and functionality, designed for any kind of sieve system. [...]

Vibrating Sieves Compatto

Vibrating Sieves Compatto Compact vibrating sieve machines for powders and liquids, made of stainless steel with incorporated iron remover. The [...]

Trolley Units

Trolley Units Trolley units for sieving and iron removal: all our wheeled mobile units. Choose the perfect solution for both [...]


Dissolvers 100% electronically-controlled dissolver used for the recovering of powder sent from sleeve filters (atomizers and other systems) and for [...]

Semi-automatic tensioner for mesh

Semi-automatic tensioner for mesh Quick tensioning and bonding equipment on any type of ring or frame holding mesh. Restricted area [...]


Complements Mixers, tanks and much more: find out all the complements to take your company's sieve system to the next level. [...]

Ink Refill Technology

Ink Refill Technology Systems for suppling inks to digital ceramic printers: manual dispensers and equipment for stocking, mixing and refilling [...]

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