Products Testing

Quality and safety

Verification of performance

The more a company grows on the global market, the greater its need to verify the quality and safety of the products and plants it builds, in compliance with the reference standards, and the achievement of the proposed performances through laboratory tests. For this reason, standards dedicated to determining the performance of an equipment have been developed over time.

Vibrotech S.r.l. develops and carries out specific or performance tests on behalf of its Customers which include the verification of the performances for which the devices it produces and markets were designed.

One of the most important characteristics of Vibrotech S.r.l. is to have a dedicated laboratory, located within the operational headquarters, equipped with the best equipment suitable for carrying out performance tests. In addition to the tests on the machines, consultancy is carried out by specialized technicians and the drafting of an explanatory report of the tests carried out and the results obtained

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