• Vibrotech Vibrating Sieves

    Vibrotech Vibrating Sieves

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    Vibrotech Laboratory

  • Vibrotech Headquarter

    Vibrotech Headquarter


The American group, DAL TILE (MOHAWK INDUSTRIES), a world leader in the ceramic surface sector, has chosen VIBROTECH technology for the new DAL TILE plant in SALAMANCA (MEXICO)

The raw material preparation department was equipped with:

- No. 1 Vibrating sieve Mod. VB2 1200 1/X continuous mill output

- No. 1 Vibrating sieve Mod. VB2 1500 1/X atomizer unloading outlet

- No. 12 Vibrating sieves Mod. VBL 1200 2/X for slurry sieving

- No. 12 Deferring units Mod. MSB

- No. 1 Trolley sieving unit complete with pump and deferrizer. Mod. TSM 900 for enamel mill drainage

All the machines have been built with a high efficiency and performance to meet high productions.

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